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Learning Italian and a random question about a gift for the boyfriend.

Question the first: My grandmother is full-blooded Italian, but for some reason, I never learned the language. I've heard her speak it but I just never picked it up, I guess. I've been interested in learning it for quite some time now but I also heard it was quite difficult. The only other language I know is French and I'm not exactly fluent, but I had an okay time learning it, the only real difficulties I had was with learning some of the more advanced grammatical concepts and writing. I could speak it just fine though.
Is Italian hard to learn? Would I have a hard time with it considering my difficulties with french grammar, or is it closer to English than french is?

Question the second: My first anniversary with my boyfriend is coming up in a couple of months and I have an idea of what to get him, but I can't seem to find something that would fit him. I'm really wanting to get him a silver necklace with a bit of a celtic design to it (he's a pagan and really really loves learning about celtic traditions, buildings, history and all that) but NOT a celtic cross. He doesn't much care for crosses.
Now, I've found a couple of things like that, but there's one thing that it really needs. I'd like the chain to be long enough so that when he wears it, the pendant sits over his heart. I've found some really nice pendants, but the problem is that the chains that come with it aren't long enough. Is there somewhere I could buy a nice, celtic design pendant with a long chain, or should I just buy the chain seperatley to make sure that the pendant hangs just where I want it to?
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