aibell the quene (sheisaeval) wrote in thequestionclub,
aibell the quene

For those of you who shop at oriental/asian markets-

What are some unique ingredients/foods you've bought there?
Stuff you can't usually buy at a regular supermarket.

Can be snacks, cooking ingredients/spices/etc, teas/drinks, fruits/veggies, meats, canned stuff, frozen stuff, anything.

I'm looking to try some new things but I'm not sure what to buy.

I've already bought before-
rice noodles, udon, kimchee, nori, dumplings (pork and chicken ones), dried squid/cuttlefish, bamboo shoots, red bean cakes, asian pear, dried tofu, chestnuts, thai tea, green tea, birds nest drink, chrysanthemum tea, barley/corn tea, daikon, edamame, fish sauce, pickled ginger, miso, seasame oil, little squares of pineapple cake, sugar snap pea crisps, lycees, spiced dried anchovies, dried shrimp, mung bean sprouts, green tea ice cream, persimmon, rice vinegar,

this sounds like a lot but there also a lot I haven't tried. I am especially interested in weird drinks/canned stuff (shark's fin?) and unique snacks (dried jellyfish?).
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