Erin Elizabeth (emeraldetoile) wrote in thequestionclub,
Erin Elizabeth

1. On the topic of Easter baskets, do you make one for your parents rather than just get one?
This year I made one for my father and mother, dad's has gardening stuff in it and mom's has sudoku books

2. Will there always be that one guy at parties who thinks that he can try and get in my pants? Have you ever used an obviously fabricated excuse to get away from such a guy? What was it? Last night I told him that I had batteries in my pocket so I needed to go back inside by my friends. Yeah I dunno.

3. What sort of ab exercises do you do, if any? I need to tone up, but I am not physically able to do sit ups or crunches, I had spinal surgery so I no longer bend that way. Are there any ab exercises that do not call for much movement of the spine?
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