Sabrina. (ahiddenbird) wrote in thequestionclub,

I`m planning a trip to Europe, probably for September. I`ll be visiting family in Austria for most of the trip but I`d also like to spend a week in Paris. I`ll be going to Paris alone. Last time I was there, I went with a friend of mine who had been many times before (her sister used to live there) so I basically just followed her around everywhere. It was fun, but this time I will be left to my own devices and it will be very different.

I was wondering if any of you had any advice for a woman traveling alone for the first time (every other trip I`ve taken has always been with someone else). Where are some safe places to go in Paris? Where should I stay? What should I avoid? I`m hoping to stay in an area that is fairly well lit and not deserted at night so that I don`t necessarily have to be back in my room by sundown. If you don`t have any advice yourself, do you know of any resources, websites, blogs or the like for solo travelers, especially female ones, or especially in Paris? I`ve googled of course but I prefer recommendations :)

Also, what are some things that are especially fun to do as a solo traveler? If you`ve ever traveled alone, what did you like about it?
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