Eric (kingeryck) wrote in thequestionclub,


Got into an accident. Other driver's fault. Insurance cut me a check. When I call an auto-body place to find out how to arrange to get it fixed, they ask if I am going thru insurance. I say yes and they ask me to bring in the estimate I got for the damage.


The dent isn't that large and it's an old car so I don't care about that but the door sticks. That's really all I want them to fix as I could use the rest of the check to cover my excise tax. The check includes enough for the dent repair and painting (which it doesn't even need unless mess up the paint while repairing it). Is there a problem if I just tell them I am paying for it myself? Are they required to fix it all and use the quote I got? Insurance already gave me the check, they aren't billing them for me.
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