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Poll #1817134 Uncomfortable sex questions

The celebrity you find the most desirable is sitting right next to you and your best friend at the bar! He/she smiles at you and makes conversation and you guys are hitting it off. The subject of threesomes comes up, and he/she said that they'd like to try it, and if you two (you and your friend) would like to be the 2 other people in the menage a trois. "It's going to get pretty filthy up there, and we're all going to get pretty acquainted with each other". He/she has no interest in having sex one-on-one with you, but only as a threesome. Would you be willing to have sex next to and possibly WITH your best friend in order to have sex with your celebrity crush?

A few more drinks and I may be talked into it

You bump into an attractive stranger at a party and you two hit it off. You have so much in common! There's something really familiar about this person, but you can't place it. Maybe your'e soulmates! Against your better judgment, you go back to his/her place and you end up having sex. It's really good sex. You're about a minute away from orgasm when you see a photograph on the back wall. It's your aunt and uncle! Holy shit, you're banging your cousin! Now, considering how close to the finish line you are...do you finish, or do you stop the sexing right there?

Stop. Jesus. I can't possibly continue

You're at a ritzy bar, alone, when Newt Gingritch sits next to you. "You look absolutely delicious. You're just 'my type'. I insist you come back with me, to my room, where we'll have sex ALL night long. My viagra is kicking in. Now, I realize that not everybody is thrilled at the idea of hooking up with me, so I'm willing to pay you. Just tell me when to stop". He pulls out a money clip and starts laying $100 bills on the table, one after another. How much money would have to be there for you to take him up on his offer? Be honest. What's the minimum you'd bang Newt for? Not how much you'd press him for, but the least amount of money you'd sleep with him

$10,000 (this is as high as he'll go)
I have a figure, but it's waaay higher than 10k
There is no monetary figure high enough to make me put out for this guy

You're with your best friend at a ritzy party. Your best friend is in a committed relationship. At the party, oddly enough, is the celebrity crush that he/she is the most hot for. They talk. They hit it off. Your friend says that he/she HAS to hook up with this celebrity tonight. It's the only shot they have. Please hold her purse (or his cell phone) until they're done. They go upstairs. You're waiting downstairs, shocked at the turn of events. Suddenly the cell phone rings (it's inside the purse if your friend is a girl). It's your friend's significant other. He/she sounds like there's something on their mind. He/she asks you, after you explain that your friend isn't around "Is my partner cheating on me? I have this suspicion. I don't know why. Please...be honest with me. I'm going nuts here". What do you say?

"My friend would never cheat on you! He/she loves you! Now, go to sleep and when my friend is available, he/she will call you and tell you how silly you are for worrying"
Sigh "I don't have to have to tell you this, but I can't lie to you. Yes. Your lover is cheating on you, but you have to understand why". You then explain the situation
You don't intend to reveal what your friend is doing, but if his/her partner makes some good guesses, you'll divulge the scenario
"Are you psychic? Cause you sure seem to know a whole lot about what's going on. You should go buy some lottery tickets"
"Um...I can't talk now. It's too busy. Your partner will call you back soon. Sorry. I just can't talk now"

You're dating someone new. One day, your lover asks you to housesit for him/her. Needs you to look after the pets. Just for one night. You agree. That night, while you're at the house, you're perusing your bf/gf's dvd library for something good to watch, when you come across a small porn section. Curious, you sift through them all. Among them is a burned disc that simply says "Chris and I". You know that Chris is his/her ex. Do you watch the dvd?

Yes. I am compelled
No. That's just an invasion of privacy
No. I can't handle what's on that dvd
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