smokeswirls (smokeswirls) wrote in thequestionclub,

As I was walking to work earlier this morning, I ran into the girlfriend of my newly ex-boyfriend's friend (he's also sort of friends with her). We made like 30 seconds of small talk, and to be polite, I said, "well, maybe we should get coffee sometime since we work so close to each other." I'd only hung out with her 2 or 3 times when my ex was in town (we were long distance), so I don't even know her too well.

She just sent me a FB message asking if I'd like to get together this weekend. I'll be out of town so I can't. But even if I could, is this even a good idea? Since my ex is living in a different continent and because the breakup only happened about 2 weeks ago, I'm assuming that she doesn't know about the breakup yet.

In this situation, would you just tell her you're going out of town and then never set up another time to meet? Would you meet up with her? If so, would you give your ex a heads up?

I'm going to write back to her to tell her that I can't meet up this weekend as I'll be out of town. If it is inappropriate and unnecessary to hang out with her, I feel it'd be rude to not get back to her at all about rescheduling or coming right out and saying, "Ex-bf and I broke up, so I think it'd be better we don't meet."
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