Monica (callise) wrote in thequestionclub,

Valentine cheesy lines...

I need help coming up with words for art I drew.

Chibi (Japanese term, small version cute) vampire, biting/sucking on a heart, a heart that kind of have flames/spikes. What would be a cheesy lines, or witty lines be for that art picture?

I can't think of anything witty to say.

do you know this artist?

I like how he comes up with these cute witty things to say! there kind of strange but so cute! I like his art what they say...

anyone think of witty stuff like that?

Also how do you get motivated to do your work outs?

What are simple easy work outs, that would be simple easy to motivate to do?

I have a work out bike I get pretty good about using that while playing video games, then I get to boss fights don't think I can finish up in a hour or quickly and then not do my bike for a while! I tend to go I'm SO TIRED after work I don't want too!
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