Melissa (shechoselove) wrote in thequestionclub,

annoying question

You take over someone's lease and pay February's rent. The girl whose lease you're taking over says she'll be out on February 3rd. You ask her to text you so you can meet up and get the key from her. She does not text you that night, and when you eventually text her, says that she left the key with her roommate. You ask her when her roommate will be home (as you don't have the roommate's number), but she doesn't respond.

The next day you drive to the townhouse, and a different roommate answers the door. She says the roommate who has your key is at work but gives you her number. You send her a text to which she does not respond, but you figure she may still be at work and decide you'll just have to play the waiting game.

Would you be annoyed in this situation? I feel like the girl whose lease I took over is giving me the run-around, and it's kind of irksome because I've already paid for the whole month of February.
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