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I am getting very confused.

I was sort of seeing this guy (lets call him LW) - it was good fun sometimes, but when we fought it was often pretty bad. Over a period of months I really fell for him, but then after seeing his bad side my feelings changed. I told him I didnt have the same feelings any more, so I left his house. But he followed me. He started screaming at me down the street. I dont remember what he was saying because I was too scared. I started crying and asking him to please just leave me alone and saying that I just wanted to go home, could we talk about this later. He kept getting in my way and trying to physically stop me from walking. I was terrified by that point. He wouldnt stop screaming at me. Eventually I just sort of tripped/fell down/collapsed. A stranger ran over and I was just begging the stranger to take me home (which he eventually did after he got rid of this crazy guy).
1. LW has since told me it is/was ok for him to yell at me and make me scared. Is that true... ? It doesnt seem like it to me... I understand that he was hurt but I dont see how its ~acceptable for him to act that way towards me and literally scare me. 
2. LW says it is my fault that he screamed at me and that he takes no responsibility for his actions. What do you think about that? Again.. I know I upset him but he is the one who chose to react that way .... 

LW also once said 'sometimes I feel like stabbing you in the chest'. He felt like I wasnt listening to him or something.. I dont exactly remember the situation. (That was a few months ago). He is still angry at me that I dont love him, and he told me that he is allowed to be mad at me for not loving him (and it is ok for him to actually take his anger out on me for me not loving him) and that basically its my fault that he said the thing about the stabbing. Is it my fault?

Whenever I tell him how he is making me feel with all of this crap he eventually ends up getting angry at me. He says that I am punishing him and that he is sick of hearing my spite and resentment towards him. But I am just trying to explain that he is hurting me.....

I am in two minds about the whole thing right now..... One side of me just thinks its crazy that it could be my fault... I didnt choose to not like him and I didnt do anything that horrible to make him want to stab me........  but because he just keeps drilling it in my head that it is ok for him to scream at me... apparently i need to see a broken hearted man....  I'm just confused...

Edit: Thank you to everyone who has commented so far. I have blocked/deleted LW from facebook.

I feel so stupid that I actually liked him

Edit 2: Thank you again to everyone that has since commented. I re-read my update and all the comments and I just thought 'holy shit girl!! what have you been thinking!?'. So yes, I am seriously not going to talk to him any more. I've blocked him from fb and I've blocked his friends who were rather rude to me following me deleting him. I havent figured out how to block his texts but so far there havent been any! So thats good :) If they do get nasty, I will get outside assistance asap!

I am so grateful for all your support <3 I was seriously stuck in a bad place but I feel good now that I've made the decision to stay safe & not talk to him any more :) Seriously, thank you to everyone that replied <3

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