belle_m (belle_m) wrote in thequestionclub,

I kicked a soccer ball with the top of my foot without a shoe on last week. Yeah, I know..

Ever since then, I have been unable to walk without intense pain. I would say it's fractured or broken, but my foot has not once been swollen or bruised since that incident. It just hurts like hell. Really, really, really hurts. All along the top and down into the arch of my foot.

Is it possible to sprain the top of your foot? Additionally, is it possible to actually break your foot without having even the slightest bit of bruising? People keep saying, "Oh, you'd know if it was broken." A) It hurts, people! B) My boyfriend broke his foot several years ago and walked on it for weeks before getting it checked out, and C) I feel like a sprain would be improving every day.

Anyone? :(
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