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Am I going to die, Dr TQC?

I have had a mean sinus infection for the last 3 weeks (due to my own fault, hoping it was just a cold and would go away on it's own) I finally went to the doctor the other night and got antibiotics. Today I woke up with a killer headache and my nose was stuffed up. Just wanting my symptoms to go away, I downed 2 Advil, and a Zyrtec-D along with my Antibiotic (Clarithromyc) and Wellbutrin and Prozac I take normally. 2 40mg of Prozac and 2 150mg of Wellbutrin.
Now I feel like shit, I can't focus and am kinda having trouble speaking coherently and I feel nauseous. Whats going to happen to me?? :(
srs and non srs welcome.
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