some girl (vasquez) wrote in thequestionclub,
some girl

How protective are you of your parking spot? I always put notes on cars that park in my assigned spot. I think that shit's whack. But once I went on a late night McDonald's run and they messed up my order at the drive-thru so I was waiting in front of the store for them to bring it out. An older couple approached my car in an otherwise empty parking lot and asked me to move because I was "in their spot."

I live in a court of about 30 townhouses. Each house has been generously assigned 2 personal parking spaces, so visitor spots are few and far between, but there is street parking down the way. My next door neighbor has taken it upon himself to park his third household vehicle in the visitor spot right outside his door. He's been doing it off and on since I've lived there, but as of right now I don't think it's been moved the entire month of January. This is an outrage, y/y?

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