Helena Handbasket (iguanasdefuego) wrote in thequestionclub,
Helena Handbasket

What kinds of rewards did you get when you were in school?

(Yes, I'm looking for ideas. So far we have done: pep rallies for students who meet academic and behavioral criteria, free snacks from concessions for students who improved on their annual tests, a table of honor at lunch where the teachers wait on the students, lunch with music in the hall away from the cafeteria, an after school activity session where kids could color, play Wii, listen to music or play cornhole, a golden toilet brush that hangs in the hall with the cleanest bathroom, plus a weekly reward we do for students who show honesty, excellence, attitude, respect and/or teamwork. I am thinking that for the next minor goal we'll have a tea party day where the kids can have tea or cocoa and read whatever the heck they feel like and I'm going to see if the principal will allow the students to choose what color I'll dye my hair if the kids meet their goals for the year)
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