biorobotics (biorobotics) wrote in thequestionclub,

i'm so bored i want to explode. or implode, because that would probably be more interesting.
i've been trying to watch episodes of tv shows, but none of the links are working.
what are some entertaining shows that i can watch online? i already watch an embarrassing amount of television, despite not having a tv (i go to, but i'd like a new series to watch from beginning to end for when i'm waiting for new episodes of the shows i keep up with.

also, what should i eat when i don't want to eat because i've been literally sitting on my butt all day, and nothing seems appealing? i've already had stir-fried tofu, gluten, snow peas, and asparagus in basil sauce with soba noodles, and mixed berries, bran flakes, and persimmon with vanilla pudding.
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