ststepdown (ststepdown) wrote in thequestionclub,

Stealing mail

TQC, I am having mail issues. Someone is either stealing our mail, or the post office is delivering it incorrectly.

I live in an old house converted into 5 or so apartments. I don't know my neighbors but we are friendly and everyone keeps to themselves. The mail boxes are at the front of the house, on a big porch, our apartment is in the back of the house.

Three times now a tracking number has claimed items have been delivered and they haven't. Or they were and they were stolen. I have called the post office 4 times, and nothing has come of it, no one has done anything to help me.

Should I call my landlord or the police? Or both? What can be done in this situation?
I just had all of my addresses switched over to my parents so nothing will even be sent to this Bermuda triangle of an apartment but is there anything I can do to figure out wtf is going on?

The weird thing is is whats getting stolen. I am the ONLY girl (besides my roommates) living in this building, whats been stolen is plus sized clothes (none of the boys would even fit into it if they were stealing it!) also large gauge tongue and septum piercing jewelry as well as letters from our friends John and Skippy in jail. Nothing terribly interesting, or that would pertain to anyone really but us.
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