Tina Dawn III (smiling_gurl) wrote in thequestionclub,
Tina Dawn III

Does anyone know of a community where I can ask people about Yu-Gi-Oh fic?  (I'm looking for one that I read a long time ago but can't remember the title.)
Do you read Yu-Gi-Oh fic?  
What was the first piece of fanfiction you ever read, if you have?

If none of the above,  what's your favourite flavour of ice cream?

I don't; that's why I'm asking you people.
Not anymore, but it used to be one of my loves.
I'm pretty sure it was this sappy  'Yugi/Tea' thing. I was eleven, in sixth grade and had *just* found FanFiction.Net.  I was so happy to see that other people were writing about shows that I liked too, it was kind of ridiculous.  (I was kind of a 'young eleven'.

Generally my favourite kind of ice cream is the kind that I am eating.

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