queensj (queensj) wrote in thequestionclub,

just things

On wrongnumbertexts.com why does every one say their age and where they are from? ( like "you have the wrong number. I am a 40 year old mother in NY" )

Have you gotten a wrong number text?
Some girl texted me & I told her she had the wrong number. She wanted to know who I was, as if she knows everyone in the area code....

What do you like about living in this era?
I like how everything is instant.
Small cars.

What would be great about living in the past?
Generally people dressed more nicely. (I'm thinking 40's-50's)
I like the style of reto appliances. Luckily for tons of money you can buy appliances that look retro

What will be great about living in the future?
flying cars :-)

What are you looking forward to?
An author visit in February, a museum exhibit in June (Ezra Jack Keats at the Eric Carle museum)
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