meow (feeeny) wrote in thequestionclub,

how old are you?
do you live at home with your parent(s)?
why or why not?
how willing are you to date someone who still lives at home?

ETA: a little background..

in 2007, i was 19 and my mother and step father bought an upper/lower type house so that i could live upstairs in my own apartment. i'm 24 now, in college, working, etc. and i'd like to have my OWN place.. even though it's separate, my mom still pokes her head out the door every time i or someone else comes inside or leaves.. always in my business, comes up whenever she likes, etc.

every time i bring up the idea of actually moving out into my own place, my mom gets offended and says stuff like "well, if i had known you were planning on moving out like this we would have NEVER bought this type of house.. we did this for you!!!" basically, she manipulates me into feeling guilty. i feel like she wants me to live upstairs from her FOREVER.

the biggest problem is that i'm gay and she does not like it. every time i've brought a girl home, she calls me several times, asks a million questions, and it's become exhausting and stressful to date. who wants to date someone who's guilted into living at home and clearly has mommy issues?

i also work for her, which is how i pay my bills (car, insurance, cable, phone, credit cards, college, etc.) and she holds it over my head a lot. i feel like i'm stuck here for at least 2 more years while i finish school. i suppose i could do what everyone else does and get a regular job and go to school and room with a friend, but all of my friends either live at home themselves or aren't in need of roommates. craigslist creeps me out, and i can't afford to live on my own making minimum wage. unless i can?? idk.

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