your_number1 (your_number1) wrote in thequestionclub,

Ummm... so I think I screwed up majorly.

I worked at Company A from Jan 1-Jan 4 in 2011. Then I had short term disability pay when I had my daughter Jan 15. I quit that company and started work at Company B in May. I got W2s for both companies and filed my taxes. Company A showed that I made over $2,000 in those 4 days that I actually worked there, so I thought my short term disability was included in that.

WELL. Today I get my short-term disability W2, and I'm freaking out. Looking back, I had vacation time that I used at Company A, hence the $2,000.

Am I going to go to jail?
Should I just add it in to next years taxes?
How should I fix this?
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