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Will you wish me luck?

I'm going to go talk to my dad about his unreasnoableness and hope to get a compromise about my situation. Um, if you want background info, here's the link to my post from this morning:
Sorry, idk how html works very well.....

And thank you to everyone who commented in the previous post.

Edit: I talked to my dad briefly (it was short b/c he had to go to work) but he said that he wanted to talk to my boyfriend and his father, and he would sleep on the idea of me continuing the relationship. He feels that I'm not responsible enough for my actions if I did get in trouble, and he doesn't want to see me get hurt. He's still bringing the religion aspect into it, but I understand that bit.

I will keep all of you updated and if it does work out I will most definitely tell you all. :D

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