if you bait, she bites (object_sleep) wrote in thequestionclub,
if you bait, she bites

Exes and Woahs...

How do you get over a relationship, TQC?

I was with someone for 4 years.
I had to ask him to move out...had to. It had become increasingly abusive and awful, and details would make this worse.

But because of the BS that kept happening, I just find myself full of rage, and resentful. We bought a house together. We had dogs together. And now he's gone, but we work together. And I don't know HOW to get over it, move on, feel better, everything.

TQC, can you possibly make me feel better?
Or offer some good advice?

Anyone who has experience with a long relationship ending, don't hesitate to pass coping mechanisms along. I really want to stop being so damn angry all the time.
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