Kengwen (kengwen) wrote in thequestionclub,

ISO women's magazine article?

I'm hoping someone here can help me find this - I'm trying to help my mother with finances and she is for some unknown reason completely fixated on this article she read in a women's mag a few months back (end of 2011?). She can't, of course, remember which women's mag it was. She thought the article was a regular/recurring one (like Suze Orman's articles in O magazine, but that's not the mag or the article), in which folks who generally had a lot of debt got help making a budget that would fit their circumstances. The one notable aspect (and the one she's fixated on) is that all the plans included some amount set aside to be given to a charitable cause, some discussion of how you had to give back to the community or contribute to community or something like that.
Anyone have any idea what the magazine or article might be?
(Long shot, I know...)
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