Acacia Hope (night_sky99) wrote in thequestionclub,
Acacia Hope

SHORT QUESTION: Are religious-intolerant remarks akin to a racist or sexist remarks?

LONG QUESTION: I was reading my local Sunday paper and came about an advice column. The person is seeking advice in response to a friend. They had been close growing up but had grown apart. The advice-seeker married a "nice Jewish boy" (her words) while her friend married an Evangelical Christian and became a missionary. I'm going off of the assumption that the advice-seeker is (or at least grew up as a) Christian too. The friend sent the woman a book about accepting and living an evangelical lifestyle, and has been, over the years, expressed concerns about the woman's lifestyle (including marrying a non-Christian). The woman was writing in to ask advice on how to deal with the friend and what she should do about the book. At the end of her letter, she mentions that he teenage son "believe this is no different from a racist or sexist remark."

What do you think? Do you think this kind of religious intolerance is on the same level as sexism or racism? If the woman had married a man of a different race and the friend was concerned about her "lifestyle choices" that would clearly be racist but can the idea still apply when it comes to religion?
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