Kayley (saloonperfume) wrote in thequestionclub,

So, last year I applied at this costume and theatrical makeup shop that I'm way overqualified to work at and immediately got an interview (they called me on my way home and asked me to come back even though I wasn't dressed for an interview). They made it sound like I as good as had the job if they could make my (tight) schedule work. Well, I never got a call back so I'm assuming it didn't mesh. I saw today the store is hiring again, so I applied again. I didn't want to say I'd already applied there (because I'm pretty they wouldn't remember me anyway), but they specifically asked that on the application so I said 'yes' and also mentioned I had pretty open availability.

Anyway, how good do you think my chances are of getting another interview? Is it weird that I've applied twice? TELL ME I'LL GET THE JOB THIS TIME, TQC.


Who's your most recent crush?

Bruno Mars 
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