Ash (demia) wrote in thequestionclub,

Cats is touring in our area right now, and I've always wanted to go see it, but never had the money.

There are tickets available that are about 7 rows back from the stage, but those are $175. They have slight stadium seating, but I'm extremely short, and worried that someone taller than me may sit in front of me and block my view. This area has some audience interaction during the show.

There are tickets in the 7th upstairs row that cost $120, but my fiance wears glasses (legally blind without them), and I'm not sure if he'd be able to see very well. This is the view from where we'd be sitting. This area does have stadium seating.

I'd like to save some on the tickets because I don't like spending this much money, but this is also my favorite show, and I'm not sure the next time it'll come back, or if we'd have the money then.

What should we do?
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