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Work rules

So TQC, this question has been weighing on my mind. It's about a work situation, so if you don't care about that tell me what you do when you've got a problem on your mind.

I was at work after I had clocked out for my shift. Seeing that there was a wait to speak to HR, I changed out of business casual into the clothes I intended to bike home in. After perhaps a 10 minute wait, an HR lady came out of the office with a piece of paper. Aaaaaaand… condensed script format!

HR: What did you need help with?
ME: Well, L told me earlier that she'd had an update on my schedule. Have you-
HR: L's gone home, so I can't help you. (I move to leave.) But just come with me to this conference room here.
ME: I'm off my shift, so I -
HR: No no no, come with me. What's your name?

It transpires that she's dragged me into this conference room, while off the clock, for breaking the dress code. I immediately tell her I have a problem with this. Then we get this:

HR: I'm getting a lot of pushback from you. I'm seeing a lot of eyerolls, and facial expressions.(this is true) Do you know who I am? I'm a supervisor in HR, I'm YOUR supervisor. Are you happy working here?
ME: (weirded out and a little threatened) Yes.
HR: Because you never look happy here. You always look really unhappy, whenever I see you.
ME: Have I mentioned I'm off the clock?
HR: Well you've spoken. You've spoken loud and clear. All you had to say was what you said, right there. If you'd just said that then I could have avoided this whole thing. But you've spoken lo-
ME: I'd like to point out that I am not on the clock right now.
HR: Fine. You've spoken loud and clear. (gets up, I leave.)

It's not perfectly verbatim, but it captures the sequence of events. I am not going to lie, I was tired and hungry and I was probably more that a little snotty being ambushed like that. But, she was no peach either. She didn't even ask for my name until it was time to fill out the paperwork, she never introduced herself, she got personal and defensive all on her own, and tell me it's not just me but is "Are you happy here?" a threatening question coming from a supervisor?

TQC, what the fuck should I think about this?
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