baaangarang (baaangarang) wrote in thequestionclub,

Dear TQC,

I am currently booking a flight to Orlando for the end of February. Total, my ticket is $201, and I am staying with a friend, so there will be no hotel expense. Flight insurance is $13. Should I buy it, just in case? 

This is an explanation of it:
"Expedia insurance helps protect you against expenses due to unforeseen events
Insurer will reimburse you up to:
 100% of your flight cost if you cancel for medical reasons, job loss, traffic accident, or loss of family member
 100% of your original flight cost to change your return ticket if you get sick
 Cancel or change for medical reasons that affect a family member, traveling companion or business partner" 

My mother has been having heart trouble lately, so I think it might be a good idea, in case she has another heart attack before the flight and I have to cancel. What do you think? 

edit: thanks guys! I went ahead and bought it. If I don't end up using it, oh well; $13 is a small price for peace of mind. (: 
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