Novel deVice (noveldevice) wrote in thequestionclub,
Novel deVice

I'm moving again (you may remember the saga of the food-eating, racist roommates that led to me moving almost two years ago), and so the plethora of moving questions begins.

1. How often do you replace your toilet brush? What about your plunger?

2. How often do you replace your mop?

3. Do you always buy a new broom for a new residence? (I do, which I know is superstition, but that's all right by me.)

4. If you were a college student and someone offered you money to pack up her books and such for her, probably an afternoon's worth of work, and the local minimum wage is $10, would $15/hr be enough? (Edit: NO CARRYING. I'm getting movers for that. Just putting them in boxes and sealing them with tape. Maybe stacking them in the corner of the room.)

5. Have you ever used movers? How was your experience? Tell me stories!

(Edit for userpic. Figured if you guys recognized anything you'd recognize this one.)
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