excutter (excutter) wrote in thequestionclub,

There's a coworker at work who is telling everyone he might quit because he put an ad on craig's list looking for a new band and this band that apparently has a record deal and is touring constantly wants to take him on as their new guitar player. They said they'll hook him up with free new equipment, too, because they're sponsored. A lot of people at work are slightly skeptical of this.

Not that it matters, but what do you think, TQC? Could this be for real?

I think I found the ad:

"All original, hard rock/metal/etc... nationally touring band seeks 2nd guitarist. Must have pro gear, pro attitude, pro commitment, ablity to tour, and lots of stage presence. 18-35. Send work,samples, pics, gear list, and contact info. We have endorsements, tour bus, road crew, booking agent, management and more... Contact us asap... you could be the missing link..."
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