lydia_golis (lydia_golis) wrote in thequestionclub,

TQC, I need dealing-with-suitemate advice. I moved into this family home that the elderly landlady rents out by the room back in November. One other girl and I have adjacent rooms on the ground floor. Other tenants and the landlady live upstairs. She's an immigrant and ESL, so there is that complication.

I freely admit to having made mistakes, since it's my first time in non-dorm shared living. But this bitch is horrible: loud in the very early hours, such a negligent cook that she's set off the smoke alarm half a dozen times, and above all?

She blames me and apparently the other tenants when the landlady catches her messing up. Left a raw chicken out on the counter for hours? Blame it on me who has never bought a whole chicken IN MY LIFE -- and that's just the latest. Blamed me for breaking our shared bathroom toilet seat over Christmas -- when I was visiting family on the other side of the country.

WHAT IN THE FUCK DO I DO, TQC? I made the mistake of signing a year lease in November! HOW DO I DEAL??
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