Turn My Lips Blue (cocacola_sorrow) wrote in thequestionclub,
Turn My Lips Blue

Cat Question

I have a 17 year old Siamese/tabby, Rosie. Yesterday we took her home from the kennels (she boards at the local vets and is monitored every day) after a week away and she seemed fine- she ate several meals and sat on my lap for several hours, purring and cuddling.

This morning, she threw up and when my mum called her, she barely lifted her head. Also, Rosie normally has morning cuddles on the bed with my mum, which she waits next to the bed for, however this morning she wasn't interested. She just lay on the bed, not really moving. At some point, she jumped on her pillow at the other end of the house, where she's been for about four hours. It's pretty hard to rouse her, when you stroke her she doesn't respond too much, or at least like she did before (if you woke her up from a nap before, she'd purr for you or snap her head back under her paw). Rosie also hasn't eaten since last night.

We took her up to the vets and she didn't have a temp, but they're keeping her over night to run blood tests and give her fluid. We also found out that she's lost about 200 grams since December.

TQC, what's going on with my cat? Is she dying? Is she just tired? Have you ever seen this before?
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