estrellaallegra (911pleasehold) wrote in thequestionclub,

Have you watched the 180 Seconds documentary? Warning: If you haven't, there are some graphic and icky images that may be quite triggering, so please shy away if that makes you nervous.

Some girl just posted this on Facebook and I had no idea what it was about. I'm really upset and disgusted that she would post this and I want to make some kind of comment, at least to let her know that if she's going to post videos like that, she really needs to attach a disclaimer that there is graphic images. Normally, I wouldn't say anything but we often share our opposing views with each other on Facebook. What would you say, if anything?

ETA: It's basically this interviewer asking people questions about Hitler, to start. He asks if they would have killed Hitler or his mother if they had the chance, in order to save all these people. Then, he goes on to basically compare abortion to genocide. I can't even make the connections here because he does it all so strangely and in such a convoluted way. But, basically, the message is that abortion = genocide of Christians or something.
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