Chérie (lutine) wrote in thequestionclub,

I sort of doubt anyone will know this, but here's a shot!

There was an artist named Alphonse Mucha who did a series of paintings of the Muses, see at the following links: Music, Dance, Poetry and Painting.

Someone else did almost exactly the same paintings, but with slight differences. See the following: Music, Dance, Poetry and Painting (supposedly a Henry Altemus one, but signed Mucha?).

Does anyone know who did the second set?? I like them way more than the originals and I want to buy some prints! I've seen them attributed to Mucha himself (unlikely), an artist named Henry Altemus, and several other conflicting sources but nothing super solid.

ETA: I just realized that Henry Altemus is a publisher, not an artist. So no word on which artist they hired to do them. Also, according to this page, they only did the Poetry and possibly a Painting one, but not the Dance and Music?
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