Nikki (litte2psycho) wrote in thequestionclub,

I know I just posted a couple of hours ago but TQC is slow today ...

I was wondering, when filling out an application for an apartment, what do you put down as the reason for leaving your current residence?

and how do you poilitely put on the app that your current landord doesn't pay his part of the bills (sewage/trash/taxes) leaving it for you to pay ect...?

also if I do stay here, the landlord is jacking the rent up to 900.00 a month plus all utilities and sewage/trash....that's a bit more than than this place is actually worth condsidering the area. Right now it's 550.00 plus 50.00 for the parolee so that's 600.00 plus water, gas, eletric, cable and sewage/trash if the landlord doesn't pay it.
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