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doggy hell

My father in law and his girlfriend are visting this week. They are bringing a camper to stay in while they visit. 5 months ago when they were planning this trip they said they were bring their 3 small dogs. I said fine but they have to stay in your camper I don't want them in my house. He agreed to that. Now they have arrived and his girlfriend said that they would be in the house in their kennel during the day.
Also I am 500 miles away and my SO doesn't want to tell her dad how I feel becase it puts her in the middle and I agree. How do I handle a situation like this over the phone?

I have a small baby at home and I don't want the dogs around her in or out of a kennel.
Should I compromise and the dogs stay in their kennel in a spare room that I don't use? (It gets very cold in there)
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