Kristen (xx_socold_xx) wrote in thequestionclub,

Hey Dr. TQC. I'm going to the doctor in the morning but I'd like to have opinions in the mean time.

Last night, I felt completely fine before I went to bed. This morning, I woke up with a sore throat and nasal drainage (that I'm spitting up) that is a dark yellow color. Over the course of the last few hours, my temperature has shot up to 100.5F. I am freezing! I have a headache as well. My first thought was a sinus infection, due to the drainage and sore throat. Does that sound like the closest?

Ever since I was little, my fevers always get the worst at night. My boyfriend just ran out to get me Motrin because that is the one that thing helps my fever. Urgent Doc doesn't close for another 2 hours-since my temperature seems to be climbing, should I go? Or just wait till tomorrow for my doctors appointment? I get kind of paranoid so I'm mainly worried about it being something more severe than a sinus infection but the reasonable side of me is telling me it's not. Thoughts?   

And how do I get warm from having fever chills?!
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