Lisa (h20) wrote in thequestionclub,

Ok... I kinda feel like a dolt for posting this, but I have no experience in this area. So, I recently graduated from college and I'm working on my resume. My most recent job experience is working a seasonal job at a bakery, so I will put that. Prior to that, I worked at a dining hall for several years in college as a part-time position. When I was at work, I worked hard and did a good job, but I frequently got myself into hot water as this job, mainly b/c I occasionally had to call off for school-related purposes (yeah, I know I should have prioritized my time better, but shit happens). I worked mornings and afternoons - a time when most people have class - so I could never get anyone to cover my shift. Anyway, two weeks before graduation, I got terminated from this job. My question is -- should I put this job on my resume? I worked there for over two years in college and generally did a good job. Would a further potential employer even contact them? As a caveat, I had another seasonal job while in college that required me to create and maintain a website, show houses, and manage a business - i.e., a real job that would be more likely to receive a phonecall from a potential employer.
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