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Someone is out to get me at work...but why...

What the hell is going on here!?

So…In November I was hired at a cell phone accessory kiosk in the mall. The hours were good, there was no dress code, I could eat on the clock, and listen to music.
I was explained to in the beginning that I did not have to fill out a W-2 because I would be paid all in cash once a week. The owner of the kiosk moves back to Pakistan one month out of the year to avoid paying US taxes…so all his employees are paid in cash. Whatever.

Other than the main boss, there is a manager, “Amanda”.


Anyway, things were good until the Thursday before Christmas. The Pakistan owner guy opened up another store in the mall, a toy store, and allowed me to work there and the kiosk for about 50 hours a week combined. That Thursday night, I counted the drawer at the toy store and it was $50 short exactly. I recounted a few times and called Amanda about it. She said to make the deposit and she would figure it out the next day.

The next morning, I counted the drawer. There should’ve been $300 in it, because that’s what we start with each day. There was $350. Relieved, I called Amanda and let her know and thought everything was fine. When my morning shift ended for the toy store and I went to the cell phone kiosk for my night shift, Amanda was acting weird and ignoring me. When she finally said something, it was “I counted that drawer at 7am this morning, and it only had $300…not $350” and walked away. So, she accused me of stealing the $50 Thursday night, and replacing it Friday morning.

I freaked the hell out and was so offended that someone thought I would do that. Later, other people I worked with told her how upset I was, and she left me a voicemail later that night apologizing, saying everything would be ok. I NEVER heard anything about it after that.


A few days later, the Monday after Christmas…A guy they had hired to work at the toy store with me was being an asshole. He had brought his girlfriend, AND his sister in to eat cookies and drink coke with him through his 8 hour shift with me because his girlfriend didn’t ‘trust’ him around me. So they decided to set up camp until his shift was over. I called my boss at the toy store, and he said to take the guy in the back and take care of it, and kick his sister and girlfriend out.

So…I took the kid in the back room, and told him to make the girls leave. He copped a bad attitude with me saying ‘if they go, I go’ etc. etc. then Amanda showed up out of nowhere, shaking like a leaf. I was pissed at this point at the guy being such a prick and Amanda was trying to calm me down. At this point, the guy’s girlfriend comes in the employee back room, demanding to know when I would be done with HER boyfriend. I told her to get out of the room and she told me to come outside, that she was going to kick my ass. Whatever. Me and Amanda got done talking to the guy, that ended up quitting, and I went back out into the store. As soon as I got in front of the cash register, I heard someone running up beind me. I turned around and the guy’s girlfriend was in mid swing at my face. The guy grabbed her and carried her out of the store while she was yelling that she was going to ‘fuckin gut me’ in front of parents and children.

I stayed and finished out my shift. All 14 hours of it, and found that Amanda was telling everyone I started a fight in front of children and parents and as far as she’s considered, I’m fired.

Eventually I found that word got around fast to all the mall employees what happened, and everyone thought it was funny…because it kindof was I guess. They all see me as quiet and ‘too nice’ then they heard that I was trying to be made out as some instigator and they just laughed. Amanda eventually let it go.


Fast forward to yesterday morning. It was really slow @ the kiosk, so I was Google, looking at classifieds for horses because that’s what I do when I’m bored…watched a couple youtube vids and went home. This afternoon I come in, Amanda looks at me and says “DON’T use the internet! We were HACKED yesterday while someone was on it and ALL our company files are at RISK! Also, we had 33 trojan viruses!!! We had to buy a whole new $1800 system this morning”. And I was like “Damn, I mean, I WAS on the internet yesterday, liiiiike normal liiiike everyone else does, but nothing happened during my shift” and she gave me an evil look. So great now I’m blamed for this as well…

THEN…she tells me there is a word file on the computer I need to read to ‘all employees’. I read it…and it goes on to say how no one is allowed on the internet because SOMEONE fucked it up for everyone…and how we all need to be rested for work, also we all need to be well-dressed and well-groomed’

That second part is an obvious stab at me, as the Pakistan guy sent me home this Saturday because he said I ‘looked bad’. I told him I was just tired but he sent me home anyway. I was wearing an Aeropostale hoodie and jeans, with American Eagle uggs, with my hair pulled back in a clip with no makeup because my face was starting to break out and I didn’t want all the gunk making it worse. Apprently I was not properly dressed or groomed to work.
EDITED TO ADD: There is no dress code and the only differnce from what I wore this day in comparison to what I and everyone else wear normally...I just didn't take my hoodie off or wear foundation...

BUT WAIT…there’s more  I go to count the drawer tonight to close it out…it’s a $100 short. I called Amanda and let her know, and she basically said just leave it and she’d look at it tomorrow.


In Summary:
Drawer $50 short
‘Attempted assault’…pffft.
Fried a $1800 computer
I’m not ‘well groomed’ enough
Drawer $100 short

ALLLLLLL pointing to no one else but me. What the hell!? My boyfriend and my dad thinks Amanda is setting me up.

I think Amanda is trying to make me quit. But why???
I’ve looked for another job, but everyone is firing their Christmas help and not hiring at all. I need the money.

Would you guys quit?
What the hell is her problem?
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