Checkmatey (checkmatey) wrote in thequestionclub,

work history

A little more than a week ago I was fired from my job of 5 months because of more than 2 low till/drawer shortages as a cashier. I know one of the cases they lied, I asked a manager about it, and they removed it. I kind of think they lied about some of them (have no proof) and it seriously looked bad on applications when I have to answer if I was fired. On paper applications I have been writing "work ended" or "seasonal" because my manager said I could put it
. :/ 

My friend suggests I just completely leave it out all together and don't use that job on employment history. I worked almost 2 years at another job similar from 2009-2011 and then a job in between there temporarily. Now I did do telemarketing for a month and never use it. People have never asked me about it or commented on it. 

Should I not even use it or put it down anyways?
Have you ever left off a job you were fired from or quit because you thought it would look bad or give a bad reference?

I have a different friend who says she saw a background check done and it showed your employment history. Is this true?
(also i'm in college btw so this is a part-time job)
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