♛ Krystal (eajou) wrote in thequestionclub,
♛ Krystal


My fiance is trying to find cheaper alternatives when it comes to cigarettes. His brand hit almost $7 a pack recently and I find it to be ridiculous. He won't use cigars, like me, for reasons unknown. He actively enjoys smoking so quitting is not something that is on the table at this moment. So we have taken to looking for other options since we need to cut costs.

There is either the roll-your-own option or electric cigarettes (like blu). I also like the idea of electric cigarettes because we are both attempting to go organic/be environmentally friendly in most other aspects of our lives. The question is, how similar is it to smoke an electric cigarette? He likes the taste and everything of his cigarettes, and it's not like he is using this as a way to quit because he likes smoking in general, so I want to know if it is a feasible option for a smoker? Do electric cigarettes give the same type of taste/satisfaction as regular cigarettes?
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