piperki (piperki) wrote in thequestionclub,

new glasses=glare streaks?

TQC, I just got new glasses and this time I sprang for Teflon coating to repel scratches and also special anti-glare plastic. I was particularly hopeful about the anti-glare, because headlights etc. at night drive me bananas. So, I just got back from driving around and OMGWTFBBQ: with every light I see, there is a white streak emanating from the light all the way to the top and bottom of my field of vision. For headlights, that means two streaks. Multiplied by a lot of cars on the freeway, street lights, parking lot lights, the moon...that seems to me to be a LOT of glare. I feel like I'm seeing detail (away from light sources) a little better, but the streaks from light sources are intense.

Is this what anti-glare lenses do--take the glare and condense it into these long light streaks? Do any of you have anti-glare lenses that do this? Did I just get ripped off? I don't know if I should return these or what.
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