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laundry rooms

Those of you that wash your clothes at laundromats...

Do you use In-Building, In-Complex, or Public ones?

Are they coin operated, or card operated?
If card operated, can you refill them at the location?

How many loads to you do at a time?

Do you stay with your clothes the entire time they are washing, or do you leave and return when the timer is up?

If you leave, do you bring all your other items with you or do you leave any behind? (Laundry basket, etc)

If all the machines are full, but some are done or near done, do you leave and return later to see if they're emptied, or do you pull the clothes out and put them to the side?

Any tales of laundry rooms you want to share? Any annoying habits of other users? Have your underwear stolen out of your machine?
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