Admiral Space Walrus (admiral_walrus) wrote in thequestionclub,
Admiral Space Walrus



What type of Dr. do I go to if I'm having issues with my shoulder/upper arm/collar bone?

And while we're at it, anyone have any suggestions as to what this could be? I didn't have any specific injuries, that I can recall. About 5-6 weeks ago I was doing some super cleaning of my house, including cleaning the ceilings around the fan in the bathrooms. I woke up the next morning kind of sore in multiple places, I assumed from just bending/reaching weird for hours while cleaning. One of these places was in my left shoulder, around the rotator cuff. It's been hurting since, but not always bad. It was hurting whenever I'd move my shoulder or lift my arm. Then the rotator cuff stopped hurting and now it feels like there's almost a pressure built up in my arm, halfway between the shoulder and elbow. In addition to that there's aching/pain in the collarbone from my shoulder to my neck. It aches mildly all the time, but hurts badly when I sleep since I put my arm under my pillow.

ETA: I just got insurance and do not yet have a primary doctor. That may be important info :)
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