baaangarang (baaangarang) wrote in thequestionclub,

Today I applied for a credit card and was denied, so I decided to try to get a copy of my credit report. I went through, and chose Equifax as the company through which I'd receive my report. However, while I was filling in my information, it said something along the lines of "It appears as though you took out a mortgage in or around November of 2007. Please submit information regarding that so that we may better identify you" or something along those lines, and then asked me a series of questions about it.

The only problem is I never took out a mortgage. I was 14 in November of 2007, so there's no way I could have. I spoke to my mom and she said it absolutely wasn't her, so I'm kind of stuck here. I'm going to file a dispute but I have no evidence of this mortgage existing, except for what the site told me. All the departments dealing with this stuff are closed today, so I'll have to do it tomorrow, but I really don't know exactly what else to do.

So, TQC, any advice? Has this ever happened to you? Who all should I contact, and is there any hope of it being erased from my credit score? 
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