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Hi everyone!
Anyone any good with hair appliances? I'm hoping you can help me. I was cleaning out my room today and I found this hot air brush set I received for my birthday a few years ago that I never used. Thing is, I have no clue how to use it or where the manual and/or box is. All I know it's a Technostar HC 8100R Hot Air Brush set because it says so on the back! I tried googling the name with different variations, but nothing came out of it. Also, when I google 'hot air brush' in general it kinda looks like something entirely different? HALP! And I don't mean 'plug it in' but rather, where are those brushes good for? How do I use them? It would be kinda awesome if it was actually useful because I'm usually boring with doing my hair.

ETA: OK, so it's a hot air brush with one part called a diffuser. However, I still need to identify the other part...

So it's this thing:

So the left one is a diffuser, what is the fork thing?

thanks in advance lovelies xoxo
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