Tray Dawg (bellapalmera) wrote in thequestionclub,
Tray Dawg

Sorry if this is a completely idiotic question but for those of you who own a car bike rack: Do you just leave the rack on your car or do you only take it on/off when you're taking your bike somewhere? I have a bike rack and I want to start riding regularly and there is a bike trail nearby but it would be far safer to drive my bike to the trail then to bike there on the local roads (Trust me, I learned from experience D:) and I feel like it would be a hassle to take it on/off all the time but I also have no idea if bike rack theft is a common thing lol

Hey also: post links to your local bike trails! Here's mine:

Upper Tampa Bay Trail - haven't done this all in one shot yet. I've only gotten to about mile 6.5ish, there's a HUGE bridge you go over and I've gone a little past there.
Pinellas Trail - haven't biked on this one yet but I would like to!
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