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Dog Parks

I take my dog to the dog park semi-regularly and I'm always worried if I'm violating some understood rules, or being a bad owner when I do things.

How long do you consider it acceptable to let dogs 'be dog' in regards to barking? Does it matter what they're barking at? If they are stopping on their own vs just continuously barking?
My dog has a habit of getting an itch to just BARK. He's usually really good and quiet but now and then he just likes to bark non-stop. I try and shush him quickly whenever he starts, but a lot of people will comment like 'let him be a dog!', so now I try and wait a bit before shushing him to see if he will stop on his own.

If your dog is fixed, how rude is it for the dog to hump another dog?
My dog has been fixed most of his life now, but he still likes to hump other dogs, as dogs are wont to do. Not all the time or anything, but it does happen. I tend to let the dogs handle it themselves, although I might toss out a 'he's fix' so the other owner doesn't worry (I also usually add 'and he has really bad aim!' since he's often humping the lady-dog's shoulders or faces...).
If the other dog doesn't seem to care for it, and he won't leave the dog alone, I will stop him. But if the other dog doesn't seem to mind, or is able to handle it alone, I usually won't do anything unless it goes on for a while. And most people just seem to laugh it off, but I worry if it's... rude? It's not like he's the only horn-dog there. Other dogs will do it too, and sometimes they even hump my dog! So I feel like I'm within the acceptable standards but I still worry.

Am I a bad person to find it funny when... my weenie dog mix is trying to hump a Great Dane, or a GD is trying to hump him? Or the time a chihuahua dog half his size was just going to TOWN on him every time he sat down and he didn't even notice? Or the 'K9-centapede' when my dog started humping a dog that was already humping another dog?

Do you like your local dog park? Do you get to know the regulars at all?
I like our local dog park. I haven't gotten super close to anyone there, but I don't feel awkward sitting at the same table as them and chatting or anything.
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