Vanity Asphyxia (vanityasavirtue) wrote in thequestionclub,
Vanity Asphyxia

Sort of a legal workplace question...

So, I work for a small company. There was an altercation between the boss and one of my coworkers that ended with the coworker resigning from the company, although it is unclear whether he was forced to leave or he left on his own accord.

Now they are asking us to produce a written statement if we witnessed the altercation. It was more than 3 weeks ago. Yes, I witnessed it.

I feel like I shouldn't be required to make such a statement unless someone's going to court over this. To my knowledge, no one is. Also, I can't say my memory is that reliable after 3 weeks. Should I make the statement or not?

*EDIT: Do you think it could be a ruse by the boss to see who is on his side and who isn't? How can I protect myself from retaliation if I indicate the owner was at fault?
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