Meredith (fleckerbug) wrote in thequestionclub,

How often do you get paid?

For those of you that get paid twice a month, or every 2 weeks-- which is it really? Occasionally, like this past month, the first Friday of the month falls the first day or so of the month and thus there are 6 Fridays. Would you expect three paychecks in one month, or would you just expect your first paycheck of the next pay period to be larger?

My husband and I have been arguing this (it was an issue when budgeting for Christmas). He says he gets paid twice a month-- on the first and third Fridays of the month. I say he gets paid biweekly, and if the sixth week happens to fall in the same month, he should get a third paycheck within that month. The thing is, neither of us really know. He's just going on the belief that he only gets paid twice a month, no matter what, and I'm just using what to me seems common sense reasoning along with my vague reminiscences of many eons ago about what getting paid twice a month actually means.

tl;dr-- Where's ma' money!?

*ETA* Yeah, I'm good at maths. So, no there were not 6 Fridays in December, but he got paid the first Friday of December, which was only the 2nd of the month.

He texted me from work. I was right. :P
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